as-red-flower As a kindergarten teacher on our island, I would like to commend Alphabet Soup in their fine efforts to both support and prepare children for their first year of public school. Students who have attended Alphabet Soup come to our kindergarten family with an authentic love of literature, art, math, and music. We also see evidence that students have worked on positive ways to solve problems and to become positive group members. Coordinating with the director and teachers at Alphabet Soup has been a pleasure. We have met over the years to discuss curriculum issues and to discuss ways to align preschool and kindergarten learning experiences. The Alphabet Soup staff has coordinated with our school to help families share concerns/questions about the kindergarten program. Transitioning into the first year of the “big” school is an important step for our island families. We are lucky to have the staff at Alphabet Soup working to support students’ first steps into kindergarten. Alphabet Soup works to prepare both students and their families for success. – Sharon Minke
as-yellow-flower I can honestly say that Kai’s experience at Alphabet Soup (4 years!) is a huge part of who she is today. I am confident that when she heads off to the “big” school, she will have all of the necessary tools and will excel as she has with Alphabet Soup. I truly believe that her confidence, positive attitude and calm nature are because of you commitment and dedication to all of our little ones. We THANK YOU for that! – Jennifer Whalen
as-blue-flower Thank-you for caring for Nolan and Greta for the past three years! We truly appreciate your dedication, flexibility and caring attitude. The Island is lucky to have all of you! – Chris & Emily Wolf
as-yellow-flower When we adopted our daughter she was barely one. She had so much to adapt to: new parents, new home, new town, new people, two new dogs and five chickens. Because her parents work out of the home, she was enrolled at Alphabet Soup very soon thereafter. This was a lot for a little soul to take on all at once. The staff at the Soup understood that and cared for her with the understanding and nurturing she needed. She felt loved there and by our community. Four years later our lovely daughter is almost ready for kindergarten. Thank you Alphabet Soup for helping her on her way! – Sandy Strehlou
as-red-flower My daughter is the most precious element in my life. I took the time to research all the options available to us, visited each one, talked with dozens of parents, and then made my decision. The choice was clear: Alphabet Soup provided the best possible care for my daughter. It is a decision I still feel good about-and so does my daughter, who loves going to preschool there.- Victoria Compton